Best Games For Android & iOS of 2022

If you are scrolling through your app store or paly store searching for best games for android & iOS so just do not waster your hours and days and the whole month in just scrolling just go and check some new and amazing games which I searched for you to save your precious time.

So just do not waste your time and go down and start downloading your brand new games. So let’s get started.

Best Games For Android & iOS

Best Games For Android & iOS
Best Games For Android & iOS

1. Bishojo Battle Field

This game will take your 153 Mb of data to get downloaded to your device. This is a Multi Player Action Game which provides you a lot of different game modes which includes really huge pitch battles, cooperative modes, competitive modes and many more. In this game when ever you will start a new game you will be assigned as a random character and you will start playing directly with random settings and also features ancient and modern confrontation where you can experience peak of many hot and cold weapons.

2. Pipe Head Story

This game take your 141 Mb of data to get downloaded in your device. This is a horror game as you can guess with the name which is a action first person mode. In this game you have to clear the location of the monsters and also have to collect items from the abandoned houses and you have to also watch ads. This game tells you about more new stories about pipe head monster. The atmosphere of the game is dark and the graphics are pretty much nice as needed with horror story line game and the controls of the game are also good.

3. Fishing Planet

This game is quite much heavy it will take your 3.4 Gb of data to get downloaded to your device. This is a online first person Multi Player Fishing Simulator game. Where you are in some fisher man’s boat and as you all can know your main job in this game is to catch as many fish as you can. This game provides you a wide open world map where you can explore different – different areas and find the best spot for fishing. This game features over 150 species of fishes and 17 scenic water ways and different modes of fishing which makes this game more realistic.

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4. Grand Vegas Mafia

This game will just take your 110 Mb of data to get installed in your device. This is an open world game where you are the mafia boss and your main job is to eliminate all your enemies and other bosses form the city so you can rule over the entire city without facing any type of difficulty. The features of this game are very nice with some amazing cut scenes and dialogs which makes the game more interesting. This game has a lot of weapons which you can use to fight with police and with other mafia gangs and complete the missions. This games graphics and many more things are similar to Mafia game and you have to watch ads in this game also.

5. Jade Dynasty New Features

This game will take your 3.3 Gb of data to get downloaded. This game is based on Jade Dynasty as you can guess with the name of this game. This game not only comes with advanced technology that presents the classic 18 areas but this game also expanded the world. In this game you or player can ride sword and fly through through the sky in inside of the ocean. This game involves a lot of elements terrains and a brand new turn which is based on the combat system.

6. Disney Mirror Verse

This game will take 0.11 Gb of data to get downloaded to your device. This is new visually stunning action RPG game. It is new divergent Disney Universe where player can assemble teams of amplified action ready for 3d Disney and pixar characters to battle with the dark force. In this game you built teams with three guardians in a holy trinity style to fight with legions of baddies and project the mirror verse from the destruction. This game has about 50 + characters and each one is better than the other and the controls and graphics are also nice of this game.

7. Cut Off Online

This game will take your 231 Mb of data to get downloaded in your device. This is an nice arcade driving racing simulator whose graphics are literally cool. In this game the player can build the career as a professional racer which is involved in a under ground race through the city streets on a really fast car. In this game in the process of completing the career mode you will be able to test more than two dozens of machines and every cars have their own styles, appearance, tuning system. This game offer different – different whether conditions day – night system. This game also provides online competition. You can say that this is a nice racing game which has great graphics and very smooth controls.

8. Aerial Knights NY

This game will take your 4 Gb of data which is to much for mobile data users to get downloaded to your mobile phone or iOS device. This is a 3 D stylish indie side scroller or you can say this is a classic end less runner game. This game has a pretty much nice interesting and nice story which makes the player always in motion. You have to run, jump, slide or dash for the acrobatic variants leading to the dope combinations and avoid the challenges that make the game’s visual graphics very nice and simple and this game also have really nice and catchy sound track. This is one of the pretty much nice and cool runner which has some dope visual design and slick environmental story telling. So you can say that game is really nice end less runner game which has really good controls and nice graphics so you can try this game if you have storage in your device.

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