Best Open World Games For Android & iOS High Graphics 2023.

Best Open World Games For Android & iOS High Graphics 2023. Open world games are popular for PC’s and consoles but now they are also taking over the entire mobile games. And 2022 will be a crazy year for new best open world games which are giving more freedom. So in this blog post I will tell you about 7 open world games that you can paly on your Mobile phone and iOS device also which have high graphic which will increase your interest in the open world games. So let’s get stated.

1. Tee Tiny

This is an open world but online game. In the starting of the game you will find a lot of player completing their 1st mission. There are some mission which you have to do with other players . It’s graphics are like the old age views which reminds the wild breathe. In this game you have to travel across the places and you have find the dungeons which are filled with the monsters. And this also have the day and the night cycle and and the weather also.

In this game you can customize your character skin, clothes, hair styles, hair colors and many other things like you can make friends also in this game had have fun with them.

2. Drive Zone Online

This game is also a online game. This is a open world dynamic racing game. Where you can do races with other participants online. And you can explore the new and unique locations in the huge virtual world. This game is inspired by the Grand Theft Auto 5 or you can say GTA 5 in this game you will find many things from GTA 5 like the racing tracks and maps and the game features and single player mode where you can get new cars and you can also go through the story line. And the game is still developed. This game has good graphics and realistic physics and also have convenient controls and many more such things this game has.

3. Lego Star Wars Cast

This game takes 1.3 GB of your data to get downloaded. This is an open world adventure game for apple arcades it combines Star Wars themes with Lego but it has different story. In this game you can create and customize your own character from scratch. And you can also play the single player mode but also you can also go and paly the multi player mode online. But you will notice about Lego Star Ways Castaways is the console like graphics the Game Loft did a nice work on creating beautiful blocky game and you can say it is a funny adventure game.

4. Squirrel Simulator

This game will take your just 65 MB to get downloaded to your mobile and this is a offline game. This is also a open world game. This game has a huge open world where you can roam here and there freely which is in forest which is ruled by many animal kingdoms. In this game your main job is acrons mushrooms and berries. In this game you can climb on the tress and also glide from tree to tree. You will be living in the skin of a clever rodent where you have to go through many exiting adventures.

You can also fight in the arena online with the other real players.

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5. Fugl

This game is little bit heavy of 3.1 GB and this is a offline game. This is also an open world game about flying a bird. In this game you can also change the appearance of you character bird. In this game you do not have any goal or any type of score. You can see some of the wild animals and land scape. This game sounds like to easy and relaxing but you have to also avoid projectiles and other flying creatures which are coming at you if you will fly through these creatures you will be also transformed in the creature.

And this game has like really amazing and relaxing graphics. And this has like 10+ biomes which all look great and all the animals are also pretty much cool you can say it is a nice open world exploration game but only available in beta mode.

6. Louis The Game

This game will take your 1.2 GB and this is also a open world offline game. In this game you can Mascot of luxury brand Louis Vuitton which is an exciting around the world where you can visit 6 fairy tales worlds. During the journey you have to collect 200 collectible candles and you can explore dream scenarios and you have to avoid obstacles also and as you will travel you will have a opportunity to acquire unique and new skills which will help allow you to experience historical moments and fully immerse you self in serene story telling.

7. Police Simulator 2022

This game will take your 885 MB to get installed in your mobile phone or iOS and this is also an offline open world driving simulator where you became a real policeman where you have to do patrolling the streets where you can between completing quests or you can roam over the vast cities without having worry about any thing. This game provides 8 different types of missions like escort. chase. spike strips in the road blocks and the other missions.

This game features a wide variety of vehicles from which you can choose regular cars to exotic cars like Police Lambo and many super cars and hyper cars. And in addition the game also offers the Multi Player Mode So at the end we can say that this game is good with a lot of features like Single Player Mode & the Multi Player Mode and new and amazing cars and many more things that you can see with the great graphics.

Download Size:-

  1. Tee Tiny – 1.3 Gb
  2. Drive Zone Online – 788 Mb
  3. Squirrel Simulator – 65 Mb
  4. Louis The Game – 1.2 Gb
  5. Fugl – 3.1 Gb
  6. Louis The Game – 1.2 Gb
  7. Police Simulator 2022 – 885 Mb

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