Fix SSD Not Showing In Windows.

Fix SSD Not Showing In Windows. In this blog post you will know How you can Fix SSD Not Showing In Windows by performing some easy steps so follow all the steps carefully to get resolved from your issue.

Update Drives.

Right click on start menu and choose option device manager. Here you need to expand your disk drive. If you have attached an SSD it will be shown right over here all you need to do is to right click and choose the option update driver choose the second option and again choose second option choose the latest driver and hit the next button to continue installing drivers into a system. Once it is done do the same process with storage controller also expand and proceed with the same process with both the controllers available over here by right clicking and choose the option of updating driver. one more thing unplug all external devices from your system such as mouse, keyboard or another hard disk. Unplug each and everything except your newest SSD. And after you are done just move on to the next method.

Change Driver Letter And Paths.

Try to update the driver. Right click on start menu and choose option computer management. Here click on the option disk management. Here in this pane the disk will be showing right in front of you. Sometimes the issue with the letter which is conflicting with the drives. Hence your SSD is not showing. Right click on your drive and choose the option change drive lateral path. Now here click on the option change. Now here from the drop down list I suggest you to choose the last one to avoid any kind of conflict with other drive letter and hit the okay button. Once it is done your letter will be changed and your disk will be shown right in front of you in your this PC option.

Run Device Diagnosis.

Click on the start menu type CMD run CMD as an administrator. type here a simple command. Which is msdt.exe -id devicediagnostic and hit the enter key. Now click on the next button and it will automatically detect the problem regarding your hard drive and will fix the issue automatically. Wait for a while until this process completed for you. As it is already saying restart your PC to finish installing simply. Click on the option apply this fix this will restart your PC and fix out the issue for you where your SSD is not showing up.

Create Primary Partition.

Again open CMD and choose option run as administrator. Now type here disk button hit the enter key. Now type list space disk and hit the enter key. Now here two disks are shown you can check by the space of your disk first one is my main disk which can be seen right over here by checking the space which you know which disk has how much storage. Second one is my newly attached disk.

Type here select disk 1 because disk 1 is my newly attached SSD make sure you choose the drive letter carefully else you will end up formatting your main hard disk and you will completely lost your data. Now here you need to type a command which is clean. Once you hit the enter key all the data in your disk one will be completely formatted. Once clean is successfully done now type here create partition primary and hit the enter key once partition is created. Now type format fs=ntfs space quick and hit the enter key again. The disk is completely formatted using command prompt. Now close it go ahead and check your disk drive will be completely shown right in front of you.

Download Aomai Partition Assistant.

For this method we need to take the help of a third party tool and I suggest you to go for aomai partition assistant. Which is completely free of course. Simply click on the option download freeware and save it into your system go ahead and install it. First of all if your disk is started to showing right over here half of your problem will be completely sorted out. Now if it is showing over here simply right click on your disk and choose the option initialize disk I have formatted the disk that’s why the option to initialize is not available. Make sure you choose this option and this will fix the issue of SSD note showing up if initializing doesn’t work out you can try to convert your disk from MBR to GPT or GPT to MBR simply just click on downer disk and here you will find the option of convert MBR to GPT click on it. Hit the ok button and here click on the apply option. Now click on the proceed option and it will convert your hard disk to MBR or GPT depending upon the type of hard disk you have. And after you are done most probably your error is fixed.

SSD Not Showing In Windows.

So this is How you can Fix SSD Not Showing In Windows.

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