Fix Windows Security Not Opening on Windows 10 & 11

Fix Windows Security Not Opening on Windows 10 & 11. In this blog post you will know how you can fix windows security not opening in your windows you just need to follow some easy steps to solve this error.

This is another common problem with Windows 10 and Windows 11 that sometimes if you try to open windows security then it won’t open. It shows dialog box for a second and then goes away just and doesn’t matter how many times you try it won’t open at all.

Steps To Fix This Error.

  1. Reset Windows Security.
  2. Enable Background Apps.
  3. Use Windows Trouble Shooter.
  4. Repair Corrupt Files.
  5. Reset Your Pc.

Reset Windows Security.

The first thing you need to do is go to the settings and then open the apps option and look for windows security in the app section and if you find windows security in the app and features then you can easily fix the problem but if you don’t find windows security then you are in trouble. So you just have to go to settings and open the app option and look for installed app and if you find windows security and after you get it just click on the three dots and then go to advanced options and look for reset and repair option. First you have to reset and check if it is working or not if not try to repair it and after that check if you are able to open windows security or not if not then follow the next method.

Reset Windows Security.

Enable Background Apps.

In this method you have to check if the background apps are running or not so for that just go to settings and then privacy option scroll down to find background apps option on the left pane. Click on it and make sure background apps are running if it is turned off you have to turn it on and make sure it is on for the windows security as well and It is turned on for all the apps. Now you have to restart your PC and check if it is working or not and if not follow the next method.

Enable Background Apps.

Use Windows Trouble Shooter.

For this method we are going to use windows troubleshooter so for that go to settings and then go to update and security option. Click on troubleshoot option now click on additional troubleshooters and now look for Windows Store App click on it and run the troubleshooter. Now windows troubleshooter will try to find the problem with your PC and give you an option to fix it, you just have to follow the on screen instructions and if the windows troubleshooter can fix the problem that’s pretty okay but if not you can follow the next method.

Use Windows Trouble Shooter.

Repair Corrupt Files.

Now we are going to repair the corrupt system file using the system file checker. First you have to open CMD you can search for CMD and then run it as admin. So if you can’t open CMD as admin try to open CMD in another way using task manager so any how you have to open CMD as admin. Now before we run the system file checker command we have to check if Windows 10 or Windows 11 image file is corrupt or fine you have to execute this DISM command DISM /online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth and then hit enter. And after that you need to run the SFC command so for that type sfc/scannow and then press enter this will take some time to verify the system files and if will find some corrupted files then it will automatically repair then as well. So after you are done you can check for the Windows Security will most probably open this time but after restarting your PC and if it still not opening then follow the next method.

Reset Your Pc.

Now for resetting your PC you need to open setting first and then go to Update and Security option and then go to Recovery option and the click on get started option under Reset This Pc option. And now have to click on keep my files option so it will not delete your files but will delete your all the installed apps so make sure it is selected on Restore Apps option.

So it will a little bit of time to complete it and after that you need to reinstall all the third party apps and now you can open your Windows Security.

So this is how you can Fix Windows Security Not Opening on Windows 10 & 11.

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