How to add shaders in Tlauncher, Minecraft 2022

How to add shaders in Tlauncher. If you want to know that how to install shader packs in your Minecraft Tlauncher which are working so just follow some easy steps to get shader packs installed in your game. So let’s get started.

How to add shaders in Tlauncher

This whole tutorial on based on How to add shaders in Tlauncher.

How to add shaders in Tlauncher

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Installation Steps For Shader Packs:-

Firstly just to your browser which ever you are using it does not matter. And after that just go to the search console and just type Minecraft Shaders and so wait for getting your search results and after you get your search results just fund a website and after you find that just click on it. And after that you will be redirected to the home page of the website.

Or you can just simply go to the website by the link given below.

Link of the website

And now search for a suitable shader packs of your choice which you want you can add multiple shaders also. And make sure of the version of the shader packs which you are selecting which will be used in further steps, and select a preset for the for the shader to download depending on your computer’s performance if your pc is really a low end pc than jus tread the system requirement very carefully other wise your game will be crashed and your pc could not handle the load of the shader pack, and now for downloading that shader pack just scroll down till the download links. And after you get that links just click at one of them as your pc requirement, and after that just skip all the ads, and after that you will be redirected to the download page which will be from and after that you have to wait for 5 seconds and after that it will show you the skip ad button at the time. So just skip the ad. and after that you will be redirected to the download page and now click on the click here button, and after that you can see the actual download button on the media fire website. So just skip the ads and your download will be started., and after your shaders pack is downloaded just click on the show in folder option, and make sure that you shader pack file is in .zip format, and now you have to drag and drop that shader pack downloaded file to your desktop . and now just close all the files and folder, and just go and open T launcher, and after your T launcher is opened just click on the folder icon which is located at the bottom right corner of the T launcher.

So after you get in the Minecraft. folder you can see a lot of folders so just find a empty spot and right click in there and create a new folder and name it shaderpacks and remember one thing that you have not use and capital words and no space between them, and after you are done with creating shader packs folder just open it, and drag and drop that downloaded shader packs file from the desktop, You can add shader packs in these folder as much as you want there is no limit you can use them all with the same process, and now close all the file and folder and just simply go back to the T launcher. And now select your game version which must be same as the shader pack you downloaded, and do not forget to add optifine in your version.

And make sure it is supported with your shader pack version, and after you select the version just click on the install button, and after your version is installed just click on the enter the game ad you all know, and after you get in your game just click on the options, and after that click on the Video setting option, and after that click on the shaders options in the video setting, and now you can see an internal shader pack and the other is that which you just downloaded and installed.

So just double left click on the shader pack and then you can see MOjang loading screen will be as it appears in the starting of the game. It will take a little bit of time as your pc condition, and now you are done so just click on done and go back, and now you all know what you have to do just go in a server or in your single player world and now you can see that your shaders packs are working.

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What if you have a really low end pc but you want to play with Shaders packs?

So if you have a really really low end pc so just do not get worried about it you can play with shaders with your pc without any lag so for that you just need to do the thing is play in Multi Player Server do not play in single player because of in single player your pc’s ram is used which can lag your pc to much but in multi player your the ram of the server is used which can reduce lag of your pc so I will recommend you to play on server if your pc lags to much with shaders packs or without shaders packs also so that you can have better experience of the shaders packs and Minecraft game paly also.

What if you have made a lot of things in your Single Player world and you want to move to Multi Player without having any data loss?

So if you have made castles, buildings, armors, farms and many more valuable things in your single player world and your pc is lagging so that with shaders packs so just make a backup of the world and just save this file to any place where you want and the3n just go and make a new server and use this world file to the server and make a server with this world and now you can play on your single payer world with shaders packs without having any type of lag and have fun.

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