How To Fix The Website Has Been Blocked As Per Direction/Order Of Hon’ble Court.

How To Fix The Website Has Been Blocked As Per Direction/Order Of Hon’ble Court. In this blog you will know how you can fix The website has been blocked as per direction/order of Hon’ble Court. You can fix this error in some easy methods so follow all the steps carefully to fix this error.

Why We Are Getting This Error ?

Listen if you genuinely want to understand why we experience this. This error is displayed in our browser because your country does not let that kind of country to exist there.

Use a VPN.

By encrypting your internet traffic and redirecting it to a different server location, a virtual private network (VPN) may help you in getting around website blocks. This will enable you to view the restricted website from a location where the restriction might not be applied.

Use a Proxy Server.

A proxy server acts as an intermediary between your computer and the website you’re trying to access, and can help you access blocked websites by masking your IP address and location.

Contact The Website Owner.

You might be able to get in contact with the website owner and ask for access to the website if it has been blocked because of legal concerns. However, this may not be possible in all cases.

Wait For The Block To Be Lifted.

The website block in some situations could be temporary and lifted after a specified amount of time. You can try accessing the website again after some time has passed.

If you believe that the blocking of the website is unjust or unwarranted, you may want to consult with a legal expert to understand your options for challenging the block in court. However, this may be a complex and time-consuming process.

Use a Different Browser.

Sometimes the website may be blocked on one browser but not on another. Try accessing the website using a different browser to see if it works.

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Clear Your Browser Cache And Cookies.

Clearing your browser cache and cookies can now and then help in settling site blocking issues. You can attempt clearing your browser cache and cookies and then try getting to the site again.

Disable DNS Filtering.

Some internet service providers use DNS filtering to block access to certain websites. You can try disabling DNS filtering by changing your DNS server settings to a public DNS server like Google DNS or OpenDNS.

Use a Different Device.

If you have access to another device, try accessing the website from that device. Sometimes the website may be blocked on one device but not on another.

Use The Tor Browser.

The Tor browser is a free and open-source browser that allows you to browse the internet anonymously. It can help you bypass website blocks and access the blocked website. After following all this methods most probably your error is fixed.

Use a Different Internet Service Provider.

If the website is being blocked by your current internet service provider, you can try accessing it using a different internet service provider. This may involve using a different Wi-Fi network or switching to a different mobile data plan.

So This Is How You Can Fix The Website Has Been Blocked As Per Direction/Order Of Hon’ble Court.

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