How To Get Capes For Free In Minecraft Tlauncher 2023.

How To Get Capes For Free In Minecraft Tlauncher 2023. If you want to get capes in Minecraft Tlauncher. You just have to follow some easy steps to get capes for free. That capes are gonna work everywhere either you are on your server or you are on any other server also. So follow these steps to get the capes for free.

If you do not about the capes you have a question in your mind that what is the use of capes or where you can see capes in your game. So let me tell you that capes are the decorative item of your skin which is at the back side of your skin. They can also change the appearance of the elytra.

Step 1:-

  • Just simply go to your Browser (it does not matter which browser you are using)
  • After then type Advance Cape Mod in your search bar.
  • After you get the search result just click on the first result which is from you will be redirected to the home page of the website or you can simply click the link given below which will redirect you the website.
  • Link –
  • After getting to this link or website you have to scroll down and go below and there you can see some download button but make sure to remember that the version of which you are downloading because this is important for later process.
  • You can download from any server either its one or two.
  • Click keep if you see this message [this file can harm your computer] the jar file is safe.
  • After the download is completed just drag and drop the jar file which you have just downloaded from the website to your desktop which you have just downloaded.

Step 2:-

  • Now just go and open Tlauncher.
  • Click on the folder icon which is located   at the bottom right corner of  the  Tlauncher.
  • Now right click anywhere and create a new folder and name it mods with no caps and no space means all letters should be in small nothing in capital and do not use space also.
  • And now open the mods folder which you just created move and the jar file in the mods folder.

Step 3:-

  • Now go back to Tlauncher.
  • And click on the gear icon which is located at the bottom right corner of the Tlauncher.
  • And you can see two options there but you have to click on setting then go to setting.
  • After that check the Show Modified box and then click save.
  • And now you work is nearly 50% completed.
  • Now just come back to the Tlauncher home page.

Step 4:-

  • And now before you click enter the game, you have to check an important thing which is a Minecraft version which you have to choose to use.
  • Make sure the version you select is either Forge or Forge + Optifine version in order to work this.
  • Now select the version.
  • And if it is not installed just click on the install button.
  • After your version is installed just open your game.
  • And after your game is opened just go on the mods option.
  • After you get in you can see that there are a lot of mods installed you can see some where a mod named Advanced Capes.
  • If you can see it then you have done all the steps correctly and your mod is installed.
  • After that just click on the Mod and select the mod and then click done.
  • Now you have done all the steps which you need to do for installing the mod and now just go the single player and create a new world or go into a existing world.


  • After getting into the new or existing world you can check the cape is installed.
  • If you cannot see it just press F5 or Fn + F5 and now you can see a cape behind you of full red and black color small square.
  •  However if you are not getting satisfied with this cape you can use any cape from the Internet.
  • Follow these steps to change the cape.

Step 6:-

  • Now just simply go back to the browser and search Advanced Capes.
  • Now click on the first result or you can just go the website by clicking on the link given below.
  • Link –
  • After getting to the website just click on the Cape Gallery.
  • Now you can see a lot of capes so find a cape that you like from this website or just click on the link given below you will be redirected to the page.
  • Link –
  • If you need more cape you can just change the page and select one of them of your choice.
  • After you select a cape just right click on the image of the cape and click in the copy image address.
  • Now come back to Tlauncher and now you have to just press the letter V of your keyboard to activate the Cape Menu.
  • And now you can see a dialogue box will appear on your screen after that click in the box then do ctrl + a on your keyboard to select the existing URL and click on the backspace button of your keyboard to delete the existing text.
  • And after doing this all just press ctrl + v of your keyboard to paste the URL which you have copied from the website to paste your own cape.
  • Now just click on the set cape URL.  !!!
  • Now you can see a message on your screen the following URL will be used and you can see the link of your cape which you have copied from the site if you can see this message it means you cape is changed and now you can see that your cape is changed.

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Now you can have some fun with your cape.

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