How To Install Mods In Minecraft Tlauncher in 2023.

How To Install Mods In Minecraft Tlauncher in 2023. If you want to know that how to install mods in Minecraft You just Have to follow some simple steps but carefully if you will miss any of them then it is problematic so follow the steps carefully and your mods will be installed in very easy way.

Just Follow the steps given below and your mods are ready to rock and roll.

Step 1:-

First you need to open your Minecraft Launcher or Tlauncher For Installing mods and after then follow the step given below .

Step 2:-

 You Have to just go to your browser whichever browser you are using (browser does not matter ) and if you want you can go to guest mode also as your wish. And then just simply open Microsoft and make a account with Microsoft. And For Tlauncher Users  Don’t Worry just simply go to and make your account.

Step 3:-

After Doing all the process which is written above just simply come back to your Minecraft Launcher And log in your account as shown in the image below click on configure account and enter your username and password and after that  verify your username and password and click on save account and when your account is added come back to home page  when you are logged in successfully now you are ready to download mods and play.

Step 4:-

Now click on the Mods Icon(TL Mods Icon) as shown below in the image  at the bottom right of the launcher. Once your mods page is opened you have to create a Mod Pack. Creating a Mods Pack allows you to use Several Mods at a time .

You can choose any version for the mod pack . Some of the Newer Version in the Mod-Pack Might use Beta Version Of Forge .

Click on Create Mod-Pack. Choose any name. Choose any version which you want. Click on Create. Click on the Mods Tab. Now Find Some Mods that you Like and Click the Install Button For Each Mod to Add them to your Mod-Pack. Kindly check the Version Number next to the mod you are downloading make sure it works for your Version of Mod-Pack.

And Now Finally You Can click enter the game and your mods are loaded. When your game is opened you can see a Mods Button If have selected the correct version of the game.

And after clicking on the mods button  look ate left side of your scree you can see first option written as Minecraft and the second as Forge as you can see below in the image and just blow you can see the name of the mods which you have installed if its not there then you have missed and step or done some mistake so go and check but usually if you have followed all the steps given above your mods are installed.

After select any of the one mods which you want to play with first. After that you have to just go to single player and quickly create a new world and you can do your game mode to  creative so that you can check the effects of mods and then you can create another survival world for having some challenges and fun with that mods.

When your World is created you can check your mods are installed If Yes you can comment down below.

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Some Of The Interesting Mods For You:-

Minecraft But Dirt Drops  OP Items

  In this mods you have to just break blocks of dirt and you can get a lot of item from a single block of dirt like you can get Enchanted Golden Apple, Bottle Of Enchanting, Golden Apple, Golden Carrot, Netherite Armors with Max + Enchantments like Protection 256, Unbreaking 786, Thorns 544 and so on like blaze powder, Eye Of Ender, Full Enchanted Elytra, Op Tools  and to many things which can make you super powerful to beat the game and kill the Ender Dragon and have some fun.

Minecraft But Ores Drops Are Op

In this Mod you can see that the drops of the ores are op it means when you break coal ore you can get level 10 enchantments like Feather Falling X, Blast Protection X, and more like this and a lot of  op tools also like Smite X, etc  you go to high level of ores like after coal your if you will break iron Ore you will definitely get more op loot then previous time. As you keep going with Red Stone Lapiz Lazuli Ore,

When you reach to gold you can get like Enchantments level more than 100 or more and when you reach to the Diamonds the loots which you are going to get will really shock you like the Armour and the Tools which you are gonna get with diamond ore can destroy anything with one touch like sword with Sharpness 979 can kill any mob with like one or two hits which is really nice for you and bad for your enemy either its Wither or Ender Dragon you can just one hit it and they will be killed by touching your armour.

Because your armour will have Thorns on it which can kill any mobs by just touching you and may more things are there which you can find in this mod-pack.

Minecraft but Mobs Drops Are Random

Last but not the least of my list in this mod you are gonna get different loots from different mods like you will not get Pork chop from killing a Pig you will get some random item like grass block and you can get Pork Chop by killing a Skelton and so on if you will kill a Villager you can get anything like Wood, Diamond, Golden Apple or anything means that whichever mob you will kill drops random item but not the item which that mobs usually drops that can give u Op item or an irritating item also.

Hope you liked this blog

May this blog helped you in Installing mods and knowing about some mods also.

Thanks for Reading.

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