How To Install Skin In Minecraft [Tlauncher] 2022

If you want to install skin in Minecraft Tlauncher and you tried like many many ways to change your skin but then also you cannot do so so just kindly follow these easy steps and change your skin and you can show that on servers on in your You Tube or in the shorts videos or wherever you want your Minecraft skin should be changed so you just need to follow some simple steps and you can install skins in Minecraft. So let’s get started.

Installation Steps:-

  • Firstly you need to open Tlauncher for installing skin.
  • And after your Tlauncher is open you must be logged into your Tlauncher Account and if you are logged in your account and if not
  • So firstly just make a account on
  • For that you need to go to your browser it does not matter which browser you are using so just open it.
  • And then just go to the search console and type
  • And your will be redirected to the home page of and after that just create a new account.
  • And after you are done with creating a new account just come back to the Tlauncher.
  • And after that just go to configure setting in the accounts option which is located at the left side of the tlaucnher.
  • And after that just log in the account which you just created and then log in.
  • After you are logged in to your Tlauncher Account you can see your username and a TL logo with it.
  • It means now you are successfully logged in and ready to move towards the next step.
  • And after this all you must have to check the version.
  • If you are playing with latest release or optfine version then just change it to Forge Optfine if your are already using that than you have to do nothing.
  • And after you installed the Forge Optfine version it will show a TL logo with the version name.
  • And after you checked this both things just go and open your browser again and then just go the search console and then type Minecraft Skins there.
  • And after that as you all know just click on the enter and search.
  • After you get your search results you have to click on the result from which will be the first one or it not not then just find that website.
  • Or you can just simply go the website through the link given down below.
  • Link of the website –
  • After getting to the home page of the website you can get a lot new and amazing skins for you from which you have to select one you can more skins by just scrolling down till the bottom and you can change the page a get a lot of new skins.
  • And after you get a skin which is suitable for you just have to click on it.
  • And after that you can see many option beside the skin image from that all you have to just click on the download button so that you can use it later.
  • And after you download your skin just go to
  • And after just sign in with your account.
  • Or you are already signed in then just go to the user area if you do not know that how to go to user area than just find our username n the screen and after you get it just click on it and you will be redirected to the user area and after that you can see your character and the default skin o it.
  • And for changing your skin just click on the upload skin option which is right below the character and then just select your skin which you just downloaded .
  • And upload that skin and now you can see that your character skin is changed and now your skin is uploaded successfully.
  • And if it is not getting uploaded it is saying you to buy premium member ship for uploading your skin so just do not worry about that I have a solution for that thing also.
  • And now just open your browser whichever you are using.
  • And after that just go o the search console as you all know.
  • And then type there.
  • And just go to the aternos home page and again if you are logged in just go to thejust go to the user area.
  • Or till not logged so for whom are you waiting for just go and log in quickly.
  • And after that just go to user area.
  • Which you all know from where you have to go the user area
  • And after you reach the user area just look at your character skin which is surely the default one so just change it.
  • And then just click on the catalog option right below your character to select your skin.
  • And then you can see a lot of skins from which just select one of them.
  • And just click on it to apply that skin to your character.
  • And after you are done you can see your characters skin is been changed to the new one.
  • And you can change it whenever you want there is no limit in changing the skins.
  • And if you want to install capes also with your skin so it looks more cool but here it is showing you to but premium membership so just go to my website and know how to install capes for free in some simple and easy steps so just go and check it out.
  • And after you done with your Aternos work just close it.
  • And now again open the T launcher.
  • And just kindly check the version and your account your version must be Forge Optifine 1.? ?? .
  • And after you you are done with all the checks just open the game.
  • And after that you can see your skin is changed in single player also and the multi player servers also.

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