How To Make Blue Stacks 5 Run Faster on Windows 10 & 11.

How To Make Blue Stacks 5 Run Faster on Windows 10 & 11. In this blog post you will how you can set the best settings for Blue Stacks 5 or any other versions of blue stacks you have and that will work especially on Windows 10 and Windows 11 computer. If you have already installed it and you’re not getting good FPS the performance is not good and it’s lagging just follow some easy steps to resolve this issue.

Set Priority.

First thing you need to do is open your blue stacks and then just do a right click in your start icon and then go to task manager. Now here we are going to set the priority for this blue stacks and this is a important and very basic step which we need to do. Here in the task manager we have many options processes performance app history startup and users. Here go to details and under details scroll down and look for HD player.exe HD hyphen player.exe . this is the process which is running for blue stacks and you just need to set the priority for this just do a right click and here you will get many options and the middle one is the set priority.

Here the priority should be above normal or you can select high if it’s normal select above normal and then try to play your games if you still have issues i mean you can select high. My recommendation would be normal to above normal or high so select high here as per your PC requirements and after you are done just click on change priority. This is the first step which we have successfully done and now close the Window. Once you are done with the above method just click on the settings icon and the very first option you will find is performance. Performance here you need to select the CPU like you have a processor and you want to give some portion to this particular application. The best one would be dividing in medium frame. I will always recommend if you have eight cores then select maximum give it to four or five you can select custom if you have eight cores and give five here and medium will be the best one because you need half of the CPU for your Blue Stacks and half of the CPU in the background for the whole Windows Computer. Please do not select max cores because it will consume more CPU which will lag your entire emulator.

Change Graphics Setting.

The best one is medium to pores. If you have four cores in your computer then select medium two cores same goes with the memory location if you have 8 gigabytes of ram then we will go with medium one try if that works or select the high one. Please make sure you do not select more than 50 of your actual ram here. if you have 8 GB select high and the performance volt should be high performance that you can select from the frame rate option if your computer allows you to select the frame rate to 90 or 60 you can do that. Once you are done you need to go to display options.

Now in the display tab please make sure that you just select the recommended setting only like resolution you don’t have to make any changes you just need to check here what is the recommended one and select that one that’s it. And in the pixel density i would always recommend you to select the medium one and mouse cursor style you can select that is up to you, whether you want select mouse cursor style for system default or Blue Stacks. If you select system default it will be better because it will not stutter. Now we will move to the graphics part and this is one of the most important part. Now the graphics engine mode should be always performed good because you need the best performance from the graphics and the renderer should be openegl or direct.

Change GPU Setting.

Now for most of the cases i would recommend you to select opengl interface renderer must be auto, you don’t have to make any changes. Now the most important part is GPU. Now if you are using Intel UHD graphics which I am also using you might be using nvidia or AMD or any other graphics driver please make sure you prefer dedicated GPU is turned on and once this is done you need to select save changes and go to devices from here you can select your speakers your microphone. If you want to use your microphone from microphone option you can select your microphone from there you can select your camera also if you have any and after you are done you just need to close your emulator and just restart your PC and now you are done now you can play your favourite games without any issues and lag.

So this is how you can Make Blue Stacks 5 Run Faster on Windows 10 & 11.

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