How to Play GTA 5 In Mobile For Free 2023.

How to Play GTA 5 In Mobile For Free 2023. If you want to play GTA 5 in your JIO, OPPO, SAMSUNG or any other company mobile without wasting a lot of data and a lot of time in downloading the 100 GB + file and then also you cannot play it either it is lagging or not getting installed after doing a lengthy process so just don’t worry you just need to follow some easy steps given below and you can just play GTA 5 for free on your mobile phone. So let’s get started.

In this GTA 5 you can get all the Characters like Michel, Trevor, Franklin and the full map I means you can get GTA 5 full experience from your mobile phone.

And if you are thinking that your phone has 64 GB total storage or 128 GB total storage so how you can get this 100 GB game in your mobile. SO for your kind information I am telling you that there is no installation process in this you have to just play the game on Cloud Gaming online.

SO follow the steps given below and you can play GTA 5 without any problem like low space lag or anything.

Steps for playing GTA 5 on your mobile phone:-

So just open your mobile phone. And then go to Play Store or on whatever store you want you can. And then just type CHIKKI and click on the app whose full name is CHIKKI – Let’s Hang Out ! PC Game. And it has 5 million + downloads so you can download this app. And after installing it just open it. At the starting it will ask you to Allow you to access to photos and media on your device so just Allow it. And after that you will see an login page will appear so you can login through your Face Book account also or you can login through your Google or you can login also.

Ok now after you login your account the home page of this application will appear and you can see like a lot of PC games you can play you can watch the trailer of the games also you can see too many large size PC games also available on this app. SO just go to search option and type there you have to just type GTA or GTA 5 and you can see the game at the top. SO after you find the game just click on the enter button. And after you click enter you can see a lot of servers on your screen and at the top you can see a play button.

And then just click on the play button. After you click on play you can see a option which is asking you to that you have to play Single play or you want to play with your friends. You can play with your friends also. So In this application you have to collect coins for playing games like it deducts 3 coins per minute.

And you find missions In this app to earn coins and the games. But this app gives you 100 coins as a bonus for new user login so you can play. And now again click on play. After you click on play you will see some ads so just skip them and after that it will start to connect to the server which will take a little bit of time because of there are a lot of people which are playing on the app at the same time. It will take 5 to 10 minutes to login in to the server. And after you complete your time of waiting you can see a enter button will appear.

SO for what you are waiting just click on the enter button. And after you click on the enter button you will again see some ads so just skip the ads again. And after that you can see your game is being started. And after the game is started you will be redirected to the home page. And after that you have to click on the story mode and then just press on the A button it means A button is the enter button. And after you click on the enter button  your game will start loading.

And after that your will start from the starting of the game as it is started in the PC. And then you  can see that you are shifted to the location of the mission of the game.

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So your game is installed without any money and now you can some have fun with the  GTA 5 and  you can take the  full experience of PC GTA 5 in this mobile game also.

What is Cloud Gaming?

  • Cloud gaming which is also known as Gaming on demand or Game – as – a – Service. It is a type of online gaming which runs video games on remote servers and which streams them directly the user’s device or more colloquially, playing a game remotely from a cloud. It contrasts with the traditional means or mode of gaming. In which the game is running on the locally on the console of the user or on a personal computer [PC] or a mobile device.

Advantages of Cloud Gaming:-

  • Excellent – compatibility across the devices it means you can play high ram usage games in low end devise also.
  •  Significant reduction in the cost it means the cost is also reduced it means no need of high price and expensive devices.
  • Access to the multitude of the games.
  • Prevention of piracy.
  • And Security.

While hardcore gamers will never stop enjoying the traditional console, for the causal gamers, the whole gaming experience has increased the value.

If you will followed the steps given above I think so you are enjoying the experience of playing GTA 5 in your low end PC or mobile without downloading any big files like do not wasting a lot of data of and storage of your mobile phone.

Hope this post helped you.

Thanks foe Reading.

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