How To Speed Up Your low End Pc For Gaming Without Any Software 2023.

How To Speed Up Your low End Pc For Gaming Without Any Software 2023. If you want to know how to speed up your low end pc for better experience in gaming and want to play games with no lag in your low end pc. You can simply speed up your pc/laptop performance for gaming in low end pc’s. You have to just follow some simple steps for increasing your pc performance. Follow the steps given below carefully.

Step 1:- Keep Your Window Updated

 Make sure that you are using the latest window for checking you have to go to power option and then search Updates then click on it then you can see at the top of the screen a check for update button just click on it and after that if your windows is not updated it will automatically update it and after that you can see a message You are Up to Date.

Step 2:- Create a Restore point

For that you need to go to the power option and search restore point you will find a application named Create a restore point just open it from there you can see protection setting in which you have to select Local Disk C or whichever is your main disk after that select it and then click on configure which is just below the box and make sure that you turn on the System Protection.  And set that max usage to 3 to 4 percent that will be like 3Gb or 4Gb so after selecting just click OK.

And then create a restore point and name it whatever you want after that create the restore after some time you can see you restore point is created this is for if you don’t want to keep the further setting so you can just restore back to this point in case if you need to restore you need to click on System Restore. And there you can your restore and keep everything back to normal.

Step 3:- Basic Optimization 

First you need to go to your setting (system setting) and then go to gaming and make sure that you have turned off the Xbox game bar then go to captures then if you are not going to use Xbox Game bar for recording so just turn it off after then just quit from the setting then go to power and search Command Prompt and open it then type ipconfig/flushdns (skip if you are using custom dns this is just for deleting all the cache dns. Next come back to home page and then right click to My Pc.

Go to properties then go to advanced system setting and from there go to performance then select setting and then select to Adjust For Best Performance than before  hit apply make sure to tick these two boxes Smooth Edges of Screen fonts and smooth scroll list boxes then hit on apply and then click OK and then close this then go to Power Management then go to advanced power setting and then select High Performance {Mostly used for Laptops). Now if you cannot see high performance just click to create a power plan which is at the left side of the page and then select on high performance.

Then just set it and close that application next you have to do is delete all unnecessary application for that just open this pc then go to computer then select uninstall or change a program and after that you have to figure out that which application you which you not and delete all the unnecessary application after you are done just close it then if you use discord than make sure you have Hardware Acceleration turned on after than  open discord and then just go to user setting then go to voice and videos then scroll down and make sure that you have turned on H.264 Hardware Acceleration.

And the next step you have to do is close all startup programs so just go to task manager and then go to startup and than disable all the application which are getting started on startup after that you have to do disc cleanup for doing so to the start and type disk cleanup and then just open it. After that just select the disk drive C and start cleanup and after few minutes you disk cleanup is done.

Step 4: Advanced Optimization

Registry Tweaks now the first thing you are gonna do is open run box again and then type regedit and click OK and now you have to go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER And then go to control panel and then go to mouse folder and now double click on Mouse Hover Time and change the value to 10 then click on OK now go to Desktop Folder and then go to MenuShowDelay and change the value to 10 and then click OK Visual Effects.

In this step I am gonna show you how to disable your windows 10 interface graphical performance, to boost your system performance but don’t worry it will not effect your gaming graphic or your program graphics. It will only reduce the performance of your windows 10 OS so go on to the start menu and search system and then click on it and now click on advanced system setting hyper link on the left side, then you will get a small window and here find setting at the top under performance just click on it.

This setting is basically everything that makes you window 10 looks beautiful as well as these are the main things that uses your computer resource so click on Adjust on best performance option you can see it will automatically un-check all the settings if you want you can select some of the options that you can’t live without for example – Show shadows under mouse pointer etc. once you done editing just click apply and then click on OK. And now take a proper system restart.

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Hope this post helped you to fix some of the errors of your pc.

Thanks For Reading.

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