How To Speed Up Your Low End Pc Laptop 2023.

How To Speed Up Your Low End Pc Laptop 2023. If you want to speed up your pc or laptop for free without using any software just follow some easy steps and make your pc more fast and efficient and helps your computer to increase your productivity and for a better gaming experience this is fully free method without using any software.

Step 1:- Power Options

Just go to the your start option and search power option. After getting in it you can see two options there one is Balanced which is recommended and another is High performance so if it selected to balanced by default so just change it to High Performance. After you are done just close the control panel.

Step 2:- Disable Unwanted Startup Programs  

For that first you need to go to the Task Manager the easiest way to open Task Manager is to just right click in empty part of your task which is at the bottom of the home screen and just open task bar from there after your Task Manager is opened just go to Start Up and there you can see a lot of programs start automatically when your system starts when you install any program it may add a small program that runs when your window starts.

After installing a lot of soft wares, you may experience your boot up process could may become  slow and this program run on the system background for ever and it could cause your system performance slowdown. If there are that you don’t use much , they probably don’t need to start every time Windows does so disable unwanted startup programs to achieve a better startup speed and system performance.

There you can see a lot of programs that we regularly use as well as many programs that we never use on daily basis. Identify them and just right click on them and disable them. But I disable all the programs for startup for more better experience if you want you can also do so that will not harm any of your data or anything.

Step 3:- Defragment And Optimize Drivers

To do that you just need to go to start menu and search Defragment And Optimize Drivers and after that just open it from there you are gonna select you system drive which is C in most of the windows and click on it now you can see it not just click on the Optimize now you can see your system drive is getting optimized once it finished you can close the window now just move to step 4.

Step 4:- Delete Unnecessary Temporary Files

For that just go to start menu and right click on the windows icon and click on run or you can simply do so by just pressing windows + r from your keyboard and then type %temp% and click on OK button after that you can see a folder will be opened and there you have to select all the files for that you  can use your mouse or you can simply press Ctrl + a to select everything after you are done with selecting all the items just delete all the items.

If a message to comes to skip or delete the selected items you have to skip that all items and close that folder and again you need to open the run meu from which method you want to open you can and after that just type temp and click on the OK button after that  you have to repeat the same process select all the items and delete  all the items but there also few files will be left because of some application are opened if you will close all the applications you can delete all the files.

And now again go to run and type prefetch and now click OK you will find a lot of files there but you have to select all the files and delete all files after that you can close the folder now just move towards the step 5.

Step 5:- Clean Up Memory

Now just go to your File Explorer after File Explorer is opened right click on Your System Drive or C Drive or more specifically saying, where you have installed your window and then right click on the C Drive and choose properties option you will be redirected on the general tab, here you will see the disk cleanup option just click on it and allow it to scan the files after few time you can see the scanning is finished.

After that you can see Clean Up System Files just click on it and it will again scan after the scan is finished you will see a Disk Cleanup window now click on OK and it will ask you “Are you sure to want to permanently delete these files.” Don’t worry it will only delete the unnecessary files. After that Disk Cleanup is done you can close the tab. Now moving to step 6.

Step 6:- Reduce Run Time Service

For doing so you need to go to run menu  again and type msconfig then click on OK and you will see a System Configuration Box and from here go to Services and make sure to check the Hide all Microsoft services is ticked or not. That’s really important so that you any important data may not get deleted accidently.

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✔Command Mentioned on Step 4 :

1 : %temp%

 2 : temp

 3 : prefetch

✔Command Mentioned on Step 6

 : 1 : msconfig

There are a lot pf things which is still remaining to tell you. If you want some more steps to speed up your pc. You can check my next post for further steps.

Hope this post helped you to fix some of the errors of your pc.

Thanks For Reading.

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