How To Install Mods On Aternos Server [Minecraft] in 2023.

How To Install Mods On Aternos Server [Minecraft] in 2023. If you want to install mods on Aternos server so you just need to follow some easy steps to install mods on your Aternos Server so follow all the steps carefully.

Change Your Server’s Software.

For installing mods on your server you just need a new server or you can add mods on your existing server also. So your server is created now and now you need to click on the Software button as you can see in the image given below it is ae the left side of the screen. And then you need to change your Software to Forge from Vanilla or whatever version it was just change it to Forge. And after that select the version which you want try to select the latest version.

The number beside the version is important for later. Click on Install after you select the version.

Install Forge.

Now click on the server button and come to the home page. Now keep in mind the version and the number beside it If you will do any other version than it will create a big problem and your mods will not work as you do not want. Then open a new tab of your browser and search Forge Minecraft and then search it. After that click on the first result of your search or you can just click this link and go directly to that page link given below.

Link –

After then choose the version and the number beside it. You can check it again because that version must be same otherwise your mods are not gonna work. Then select the version. After that find the number of the version after you find yours version just click on the installer option. After that wait for 6 seconds and then click on skip and then your download will start. Now you can see you downloading is started. Now do show in folder.

Install The Mod Client.

Open the file you just downloaded. A small dialogue box of mod installer will appear in that box just click on the Install Client Option. Then if you want you can change the file location you can change it and keep it where you want. It shout only be installed as a client otherwise it will not work. After that just click OK and your installing process gets started. It will take time to get installed so wait for the installation gets completed. After the installation is completed a message will come  installation completed.

Download The Mod.

Now just open your browser. Then just click on mods option. After that choose any mod which you want to install on your server. After you select a mod just chose the latest version of that mod which will be always at the top. Then click on the link given above the version of the mod in every mod. And you will be redirected to the mod download page after then just click on the download button. You have to do the same process whenever you want to add mod to your server.

Click the download button continuously till you are redirected to download page and when you are redirected to the download page you have to wait for 5 seconds and then you download will be started. Press keep button don’t worry this files are 100% safe. After your mod is downloaded drag and drop that file to desktop.

Install The Mod.

 After this all process is done open Tlauncher. When the Tlauncher is opened then press the folder icon which is located at the bottom right of the Tlauncher. When your folder is opened find Mods folder from all the folders and open it. If you have already installed some mods just move them to another folder. And then just drag and drop the folder which you have copied to the desktop to the Mods folder. After that just close that folder. And come back to the home page of Tlauncher.

And now you have to do one more thing with the version just select the version of which you have installed the mod and don’t forget the number beside the version like 1.18.2[36.2.0]. When you find than select that version if you till had   not   installed it just install it first. That’s why we have downloaded the Forge Installer from the start. After that again open your Browser. And go to server home page and kindly check the version of the server which you have installed on the server and match that version with the Tlauncher version. After you find the right version and installed it. Just click Enter The Game as you all know for opening the game you must have to click on Enter The Game.

And also make sure to copy the server IP Address otherwise you can’t enter to the server. While the server is starting just click on the option button while the server is starting. And scroll down and make sure to turn on the cracked and turn off the whitelist or it wouldn’t work. You can also customize other option which you want like server game mode should be creative or survival and many more things.

Once the Minecraft is opened you can just go to Mods and see there are 3 Mods installed but if you are thinking that I have installed only 1 mod than why it is  showing 3 mods because 2 mods are pre-installed from the forge version. Now click to Multi Player and then go and add your server and enter on the server. But all the members who want to play on the server with the mods they also have to download those mods and add those to Mods folder and enter the game from the same version like 1.18.2 Forge.

And after you enter to server you can see the mods are working and you mods are installed successfully.

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Now you can have fun with your friends with the mods. So Go And Have Fun. Check more posts from the suggestions and visit  my website for more information Thanks For Reading.

So this is how you can Install Mods On Aternos Server [Minecraft] in 2023.

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