Minecraft Java Vs Bed Rock [Things you need 2 know]

Minecraft Java Vs Bed Rock [Things you need 2 know]. In this blog post you can know about Minecraft Java Vs Bedrock a lot of differences and features about Java and Bed Rock edition. You might know this things before but if you want to know just scroll down below. Do lets get started.

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Minecraft Java Vs Bedrock

Can You Combine the End Portal And Nether Portal?In Java Edition if you make a End Portal and then try to make a Nether Portal on it means right above the portal making another portal just attached to it and then just light up both you can see the portal from which one of them is broken or incomplete but in the Bed Rock Edition you can combine both portals at each other portal will work they will not break or will be destroyed and light them and use them also.

Can you Stand in the middle of End Portal?

No you cannot stand in the middle of the activated End Portal in Java edition you will be teleported to the End but in Bed Rock Edition you can stand in the middle of the activated End Portal but for that you need to place fences underneath the End Portal and then you can stand and walk and whatever you want you can do in the middle of the End Portal when it is activated also.

Can you stand at the top of the Boat entity?

In Bed Rock edition you cannot stand at the top of the boat entity if you will try to do so you will just go down but in Java edition you can stand  at the top of the boat entity.

Is Husk Taller than 2 bolcks?

No in Java edition Husk is slightly taller than the Zombie but not taller than 2 Blocks it means a husk can enter through your door but it Bed Rock yes it is taller than 2 Blocks in Bed Rock a husk cannot enter through your door it means you are safe from Husk in your house in Bed Rock Edition not in Java Edition.

What if you throw a Snow Ball through fire will it Ignite?

In Java Edition you cannot do so but in Bed Rock Edition if you through a Snow ball through fire the projectile will actually ignite and  it will definitely burn the mobs to which this ball will attack it means in Bed Rock you can make a Snow Golem as a Flame Thrower.

 Is it difficult to kill a Wither?

No not in Java edition  you can kill a Wither some efforts but in Bed Rock edition it is pretty much difficult to kill a Wither than Java Edition because the wither has Double Health in Bed Rock edition than Java Edition but it makes the Nether Star more worthed.

Can we place Red Stone Items under water?

No you cannot put Red Stone items inside the water it means you cannot Red Stone work inside the water but in Bed Rock you can easily place Red Stone items under water also and they will work properly like on surface.

Can Sugar Cane grow faster on Dirt o non Sand?

It does not matter in Java Edition that you grow sugar cane on sand or dirt they will take same time to grow but in Bed Rock Edition you can grow your sugar can more faster on sand than dirt. But if you want to grow you sugar cane faster you can use bone meal to grow any crop or tree faster in JAVA edition.

Can pistons push the chests, hopper, furnace and more like these things?

No not pistons cannot push chest hopper or furnace  in JAVA Edition but it Bed Rock Edition you can just simply push chest hopper and furnace and more with piston as a flick of button.

Can you insert a Music Disc into the juke box with a Hopper?

No you cannot insert a music disc into a juke box while putting the music dick inside the hopper it will remain inside of the Hopper in Java Edition but yes you can put a Music Disc while just putting it inside a Hopper.

What is the Max Render Distance?

In Java Edition the default Max Render Distance of 32 Chunks, where as Bed Rock let’s us top play up to 96 Chunks of the default Render Distance but Java Edition does have mods to increase the Max Render Distance.

Can you push a Chest in a Shulker Box with Piston?

In Java Edition you cannot do so but it Bed Rock Edition you can create a combination of Shulker Box and Chest you are going to stick at Bed Rock.

Can we change colors of Shulker Box with just interacting the dye of your choice?

It is possible with commands in Java Edition but you can easily change the color of the Shulker box by just interacting them with the dye of your choice.

Can you put Tools in Armor Stand?

In Java Edition you cannot display on Tools in the Armor Stand you can just only display the Armors on the Armor Stand but in Bed Rock Edition you can display your tools in the Armor Stand as well as your Armor.

Can you pull mobs with Fishing Rod?

You can pull the mobs from your Fishing Rod in Bed Rock Edition but you cannot just pull the mobs frim your Fishing Mobs in Java Edition so you can do it in only Java Edition.

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If you have a Fire Aspect you can Ignite the TNT also and you can spark the candle and also burn campfire  from just the Fire Aspect Book but it is just possible in Bed Rock Edition only not in Java Edition.

You can also use your Gold Ingots as a fuel for smelting ores but this is also just in Bed Rock Edition

Soo Hope this post helped you knowing some information about Java Edition and Bed Rock Edition both and some fixes and errors also.

Thanks For Reading.

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