How To Update Intel Graphics Windows SCH Drivers Windows 11.

Update Intel Graphics Windows SCH Drivers Windows 11. In this blog post you will know How you can Update Intel Graphics Windows SCH Drivers Windows 11 in few easy steps so follow all the steps carefully to resolve this error.

Download The Graphics Card Driver.

Open your browser which ever you are using and then type once you have typed it hit enter. You will be redirected to the intel website and there go at the very top product support solution. Click on support and the moment you click on that you will find an option auto update your drivers and download center. Just click on download center and here you will get many options automatically to update your drivers. You can simply click on get started if you want to automatically update your drivers and if you want to manually update the graphics mean particular graphics card only. Then you can select your product and like intel graphics windows CH driver and you just need to click on the top one because this is the latest one here. As far as the intel graphics windows DCH drivers is concerned. Where you will get a option for dot exe or zip files. From where can download for windows 10 21 H2 windows 11. I mean the complete version of windows 10 and windows 11 as well.

Update Your Drives Automatically.

Here you just need to download the file whose size around 1 GB and if you don’t wanna to do this manually you can simply go back and if you do not know what exactly which intel driver you have just go back. Here you need to click on automatically update your drivers. The moment you click on get automatically updated you will find intel driver support assistant and this will assist you to install download and Install the intel graphics upgrade. Just click on download now and a very small file of 6mb will be downloaded and you need to open it and it will ask you to click on check mark and then you need to install it.

It will ask you to say yes and very soon it will be downloaded and you just need to click on next you can check mark and uncheck the things which you do not want to update the things which you want to update you need to do the check mark for that and rest of it you can uncheck that and then you can install it. It says your computer must be restarted to finish the installation and then you can find here at the bottom right corner you will find an icon of intel drivers just do a double click and you will find the drivers right there. It is scanning the computer and then you can download it. And after you are done with all this you need to restart your pc and most probably your issue will be resolved.

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So this is How you can Update Intel Graphics Windows SCH Drivers Windows 11.

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