When will Minecraft 1.19 version will be released.

When will Minecraft 1.19 version will be released. In this blog post you can know when will be Minecraft 1.19 version will  be released and many more features and many new things which are coming with Minecraft 1/19 version  you can know about this all in this blog post. So let’s get started.

1.19 The Wild Update

So you are very –  very much excited to know about than when will Minvecraft 1.19 version will be released

  • So this update was first announced in October 16, 2021 during Minecraft live that the 1.19 The Wild Update will be released in June 2022. And this is major update for Java Edition.

June 2022

Some of the features of Minecraft 1.19 update are mentioned below:-

The Deep Dark Biome

This biome is added along with a new structure that is Deep Dark Cities


Now this is the question that where yup can find Warden so it will be spawned in the Deep Dark Biome.

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Mangrove Swamp Biome

This biome is completely surrounded by beautiful stuff and all tress are covered with wines any many more such things.

Mangrove Log

It looks like  Jungle logs but it is Mangrove Logs from Mangrove Tree.

Boat with chest

You can put your stuff in the chest and explore with carrying a lot of stuff in your chest and you can have a lot of free space in your inventory with this new boat.

Minecraft Frogs and Tadpoles

You can see a regular orange like color will be found or spawned in Swamp Biomes which is the new added Mangrove Swamp and with frog you will also find Tadpoles and Expect of this there are two more types of frogs from which one is the Cold Blooded Frog and the other is Desert Frog.

Fire Flies

You can see them roaming here and there in Swamp making it feel just nice at night this will also spawned in the Mangrove Swamp Biome and they just look really relaxing at night time this can be a nice addition in the game and these Fire Flies will be the food for the frogs means this will be eaten by the frogs.


This will also be spawned in the Swamp Biome or you can make your own mud block also just take a dirt block and then pour a water bottle and then you can get more mud and if you take your mud block and below the mud block place a drip stone and after some time it will be dried and make clay.


You can find mud in the swamp biomes easily or I mentioned in the about paragraph that how you can make a mud block and how to make a clay block but for you I can tell you once again take a mud block and then place it on here to four block and then just place drip stone below the mud block and after some time it will soak all the water out of the mud block and make clay.

Mud Bricks

Mud brick are building blocks and the texture of this block is different than stone bricks that we have in the game, this blocks are sort like smaller and more compact but it is then also cool build with the matches a lot of different block.

Skulk Box

This were added in 1.18 but we are going to get them in 1.19 and there are a lot of skull blocks the first is the skulk block itself and then Shulk Catalyst and then the Skulk Vein and then the Skulk Shrieker these all the family members of skulk the first skulk bock which was added in the 1.18 update was the Skulk Sensor you can break and collect this blocks and use this blocks for decoration but break them from silk touch only. When the Skulk Shrieker is activated it glows up and gives a really scary Shriek and it gives darkness so it looks like pulsating darkness it activates when you sneak before it.

Things you need to know about Warden:-

  1. The Warden is the new hostile mob which is added in Minecraft 1.19 version update which is the Wild Update as you all know.
  2. Warden is totally blind mob it cannot see anything but how Warden attacks on  you as he cannot see so he follow the sound and vibration and guide himself through it.
  3. And it will spawn in the in the new added biome which is the Deep Dark Biome and inside this Biome you will find a new added Structure which is the Ancient City.
  4. In this Ancient city you will find a lot of skulk block and chests with amazing loot inside it.
  5. And as you know you can find a lot of skulk blocks in this structure and biome.
  6. And when you reach near the Skulk Shrieker block it makes a sound which attracts Warden and it comes to you to attack on you.
  7. When the Warden notices your presence he will emerge from the ground.
  8. When you go near the Warden you will get an effect called Darkness and this makes you more scarier to kill the Warden.
  9. This effect lasts in 30 seconds but if you stay closed to Warden this effect will be on you.
  10.  Killing a Warden is almost impossible.
  11. Warden has about 250 to 260 Hearts of health.
  12. Even in the day time also Warden can affect you the Darkness effect on you.
  13. It can kill you in just a single attack when you do not have any armor and if you have the Max Enchanted full Netherite Armor Warden can kill you in just Two Hits like you are nothing in front of him.
  14. But Warden gets slower in water and deals less damage to the player.
  15. If within 60 seconds Warden do not fell any movement or did not hear any sound it will dig down and enter the ground again.
  16. If  you want to kill a Warden with some Iron Golems than  you need 6 Iron golem at a time to kil the warden because 1 or 2  golem nothing for Warden.
  17. Warden is 1 blocks taller than the Iron Golem and it height of the Warden is 3.5 blocks which is pretty much taller.
  18. Inside the Ancient city chest you will find a new added book which will help you to walk faster while you are crouching which is the Swift Sneak book.

There are a lot of more things to know about Warden and this new version update and many other mobs but you will find them in the next post.

Hope this blog post helped you.

Thanks for reading.

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