Best Investing Apps For Kids 2024

Best Investing Apps For Kids 2024. Discover the finest investing apps for children in 2024. Empower young minds with financial literacy and responsible investing with simple platforms that educate and engage.


In 2024, teaching children about financial literacy and investing at a young age will be more important than ever. With the rise of digital platforms and accessible technology, investment apps tailored exclusively for children provide a unique opportunity to educate them to the foundations of money in a fun and engaging manner. These applications not only teach the fundamentals of saving and investing, but they also inculcate vital lifelong skills that can provide the groundwork for financial independence and sound decision-making.

The top investing apps for kids in 2024 cater to a wide range of ages and ability levels, with age-appropriate material and easy-to-use interfaces. These applications make learning about money management more accessible, with interactive games that replicate stock market trading and educational resources that explain financial topics in simple terms.

Furthermore, investing apps for kids frequently include parental controls and supervision tools, allowing parents to track their child’s development and steer their educational journey. This provides a safe and supportive atmosphere in which children can explore financial ideas at their own pace, guided by trusted adults.

These programs instill in youngsters a sense of responsibility and discipline in money management by introducing them to investing at a young age. They teach principles like goal planning, risk assessment, and the power of compound interest, preparing youngsters to make informed financial decisions from an early age.

Furthermore, the gamification features of these apps make learning about investing more enjoyable and interactive. Children may track their assets, create objectives, and learn from simulated market experiences, all while improving their critical thinking and financial understanding.

Join us as we look at the top investing apps for kids in 2024, helping parents and educators to instill financial awareness in the next generation. Whether you want to teach your child the fundamentals of investing or enhance their financial education, these apps provide new methods to engage young minds and prepare them for a financially aware future.

Best Investing Apps for Kids in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

In today’s digital age, teaching kids about money management and investing has never been more accessible. With a variety of user-friendly investing apps designed specifically for young users, parents can now provide their children with valuable financial education right at their fingertips. Here’s a detailed look at some of the best investing apps for kids in 2024.

1. Greenlight

Greenlight is more than just an investing app; it’s a comprehensive financial management tool for kids. It combines banking and investing features, making it a powerful platform for teaching children about both saving and investing.


  • Parent Control: Parents can set spending limits, approve or deny transactions, and monitor spending in real-time.
  • Customizable Debit Cards: Kids get their own debit card, which can be customized with their photo.
  • Investing Platform: Kids can invest in stocks and ETFs with parent approval.
  • Educational Resources: The app provides educational content to help kids understand basic financial concepts.


  • Comprehensive financial management tool
  • Parental oversight and control
  • Engaging and educational


  • Monthly fee
Investing Apps For Kids

2. Stash

Stash offers a simplified approach to investing, making it a great choice for young investors. It combines investing with educational content to help kids and teens learn about the stock market.


  • Fractional Shares: Allows kids to buy fractional shares, making it affordable to start investing with small amounts of money.
  • Custodial Accounts: Parents can open custodial accounts for their children.
  • Educational Tools: Provides educational content tailored for young investors.
  • Automated Investing: Offers automated investing options for a hands-off approach.


  • Low investment minimums
  • Educational resources
  • Fractional shares available


  • Monthly fee for some features

3. Acorns Early

Acorns Early is designed to help parents save and invest for their children’s future. It’s an extension of the popular Acorns investing app, tailored specifically for kids.


  • Custodial Accounts: Parents can set up custodial accounts for their children.
  • Round-Ups: Spare change from purchases can be automatically invested.
  • Automated Investing: The app automatically invests funds in diversified portfolios.
  • Educational Content: Provides resources to help parents teach their kids about investing.


  • Easy to use
  • Automated investing
  • Educational content for parents and kids


  • Monthly fee

4. BusyKid

BusyKid is an app that combines chores, allowance, and investing, providing a holistic approach to teaching kids about money management.


  • Chore Management: Parents can assign chores and pay kids allowances.
  • Investing Platform: Kids can invest their allowance in stocks and ETFs.
  • Debit Card: Kids get a prepaid debit card for managing their spending.
  • Charitable Giving: Encourages kids to donate to charities.


  • Integrates chores and allowance with investing
  • Encourages charitable giving
  • Engaging and educational


  • Subscription fee

5. Stockpile

Stockpile makes it easy for kids to start investing by offering fractional shares and gift cards for stocks, making it an excellent choice for beginners.


  • Fractional Shares: Allows kids to buy fractional shares of their favorite companies.
  • Stock Gift Cards: Kids can receive stock gift cards from family and friends.
  • Educational Resources: Provides educational content to help kids learn about investing.
  • Custodial Accounts: Parents can set up custodial accounts for their children.


  • Affordable way to start investing
  • Stock gift cards are a unique feature
  • Educational resources available


  • Transaction fees for trades

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To summarize, the landscape of investment applications for kids in 2024 offers a fantastic opportunity to instill financial understanding and responsibility at a young age. These applications not only teach children about the basics of saving and investing, but they also help them develop important skills like money management, critical thinking, and long-term planning. Children can learn about finance in a practical and pleasant way by using interactive tools and educational content, preparing them for a financially empowered future.

The best investing apps for kids include features customized to various age groups and learning styles. These apps address a wide range of educational needs and developmental stages, from simple explanations of investment fundamentals to hands-on exercises that imitate real-world financial issues. Parents and teachers can leverage these tools to supplement traditional learning methods and empower children to make informed financial decisions.

Furthermore, the parental oversight and supervision capabilities built into many of these apps offer piece of mind. Parents can monitor their children’s progress, establish investment restrictions, and facilitate discussions about financial goals and values. This collaborative approach guarantees that youngsters have a solid foundation in financial literacy while being guided and supported by trusted adults.

As technology advances, so do the usability and usefulness of these investing applications. Innovative features such as personalized portfolios, real-time updates to educational resources, and integration with financial education curricula improve the learning experience and prepare youngsters to effectively navigate the intricacies of the financial world.

Furthermore, the gamification components seen in many of these apps make learning about investment more enjoyable and interactive. Children can play with virtual portfolios, make hypothetical financial decisions, and learn from both successes and failures in a risk-free setting. This hands-on method not only reinforces learning, but it also promotes resilience and adaptability in dealing with financial issues.

Finally, investment applications for kids in 2024 will play an important role in developing a generation of financially knowledgeable and responsible individuals. These apps help children to establish financial independence, set reasonable objectives, and make educated decisions throughout their lives by introducing them to investment ideas at a young age. Embracing these tools ensures that children have the knowledge and abilities needed to confidently navigate the financial landscape.

Explore the possibilities provided by the top investing apps for kids in 2024, and set out on a journey of financial empowerment for the future generation. Whether you’re a parent, instructor, or guardian, these applications are excellent resources for developing young minds and preparing them for a financially responsible future in an increasingly complex world.

Are investing apps for kids safe and secure?

Yes, reputable investing apps for kids prioritize security with measures such as encryption of personal information, parental controls, and adherence to strict privacy policies. It’s essential to choose apps from trusted sources and review their security features before use.

What age is appropriate to start using investing apps for kids?

The age appropriateness can vary depending on the app and the child’s understanding of financial concepts. Some apps cater to younger children with simplified interfaces and educational content, while others are geared towards older kids and teenagers ready for more advanced investing lessons.

Do investing apps for kids require parental supervision?

While many investing apps for kids include parental supervision features, such as account monitoring and spending limits, active parental involvement is encouraged. Parents should discuss financial decisions with their children, provide guidance, and ensure the child’s understanding of investing principles.

Can children actually make real investments through these apps?

Most investing apps for kids offer simulated or virtual investments rather than real-money transactions. This allows children to practice investing without financial risk. Some apps may offer educational resources on real investing strategies, preparing children for future financial decisions.

How can investing apps for kids benefit their financial education?

Investing apps for kids teach valuable financial skills such as budgeting, goal-setting, understanding risk and reward, and the basics of stocks and bonds. They promote financial literacy from a young age, empowering children to make informed financial decisions as they grow older.

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