12 Best New Windows 11 Features You Should Check Out 2024

12 Best New Windows 11 Features You Should Check Out 2024. Following the initial announcement of Windows 11, Microsoft gave Windows Insiders access to many significant Windows 11 previews, such as Build 22000.51 and 22000.100, which gave them a thorough look at all the new features. And today, all eligible users may now download the first stable build of Windows 11 from Microsoft. We offer a guide on how to update from Windows 10 to Windows 11 if you are eager to try the newest version of the Windows operating system. After weeks of testing, we have discovered some of the greatest new features in Windows 11 that you should be aware of. We have thoroughly discussed all of Windows 11’s new features here, from minor to important ones.

1. New Start Menu

Microsoft’s next generation desktop operating system is most notable for its new launcher-style floating Start Menu, out of all the new features in Windows 11. The new Start, as Microsoft is referring to it, is located directly in the middle of the taskbar, in contrast to the conventional Start Menu. It features a flyout layout with pinned and suggested apps next to one another. I’ve found that the recommendations are generally sound thus far. It gives me instant access to recently installed apps, documents, and pictures.

Apart from that, you can hover your mouse over the Search menu, and it will offer you a few suggested apps based on your past searches. Overall, I think the new Start is the best thing about Windows 11. It’s fast, resolves your queries smartly, and offers the best results within seconds.

2. New Action Center

The updated Action Center is Windows 11’s second best feature in my opinion. It adheres to a design language similar to that of mobile OSes, and I really enjoy that significant system toggles are treated with a mobile-first mindset. The unified “WiFi, volume, and battery” button may now be clicked to instantly launch the updated Action Center. It has all the required controls, such as sliders for volume and brightness. As before, you may also add more toggles.

The more intriguing thing is that pairing your smartphone no longer requires going into Settings because the Bluetooth connection is now lot faster. It also provides enough room to respond or organize the mess, and it houses the notifications in a simple design that supports badges. In addition, the new Action Center is more responsive than the sluggish abomination that was Windows 10’s Action Center. Bravo, Microsoft!

3. Universal Media Control

Yes, with Windows 11, you can now manage the playback of all your media from the new Action Center. Everything appears in the Action Center whether you are playing a local video, a Spotify playlist, a YouTube video, or a Twitter clip. Please take note that I attempted to play a video with VLC but it was not visible. But it functioned perfectly when I used the built-in “Films & TV” app to play the identical local video. Yes, Universal Media Control is yet another wonderful Windows 11 feature.

4. Modern File Explorer

Among Windows users, the File Explorer has been a major source of dispute. The File Explorer has ardent supporters who argue against any modifications to the program because they think it is working flawlessly. Nevertheless, it did require a contemporary update, and I’m pleased to say that the new File Explorer is usable and equipped with all the capabilities you require. The Ribbon menu bar has been replaced with a Command bar at the top, a new Context menu, and vibrant new icons.

For those who are curious, Microsoft has also retained the Folder Options. By tapping “Show more options,” you may also access the previous version of the Context menu. With Windows 11, what Windows enthusiasts have long feared has certainly materialized, yet Microsoft has succeeded in maintaining all of the features.

5. New Microsoft Store

Another fantastic addition to Windows 11 is the redesigned Microsoft Store. Xamarin, Electron, React Native, Java, Win32,.NET, UWP, and even Progressive Web Apps are supported, having been designed from the ground up. Even Microsoft Edge themes and extensions are available in the recently launched Microsoft Store.

Since the old Microsoft Store was slow and unreliable, I must admit that I have never been a fan, but the new one looks amazing. One thing to notice about the current build is that apps’ last update dates are still hidden. Additionally, Android apps will be supported via the new Microsoft Store, albeit support for them will roll out gradually. More information about it is provided below.

6. Android Apps Support in Windows 11

Windows 11’s ability to run Android apps provided by the Amazon App Store is one of its main features. However, the current Windows 11 release does not yet enable Android apps. Microsoft has stated that future releases will include the ability to install Android apps. But there’s still more. The fact that you can sideload APKs on your Windows 11 computer is the coolest aspect. How awesome is that?

Microsoft has implemented the system using a methodology similar to WSL 2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux). This implies that Windows 11 will provide native Android app functionality with reasonably excellent performance. Not to add, regardless of the Intel Bridge technology that makes this incredible feature possible, Android apps will function on both AMD and Intel processors. See our Project Latte explainer to find out more about Windows 11’s compatibility with Android apps.

7. Redesigned Settings App

Microsoft totally redesigned the Settings app for the first time following the release of Windows 10. It was created from the ground up with a mobile-first design that works well on tablets and PCs. The Settings page features a static menu pane on the left, as well as well-organized menus and sub-menus. Additionally, there are expanding configuration choices for better clarity and breadcrumbs for simple navigation.

Along with some beautiful themes, you also get a power and battery usage report (screen on time in Windows 11), which is comparable to that of smartphones. Overall, I think the new Settings look is great, however it’s a little sluggish and less responsive than I would have liked. For those who are curious, the Control Panel is still available to you.

8. Faster Windows Updates

You did really read correctly. Because Windows 11 has a background installation technique, updating Windows will happen much more quickly. According to Microsoft, Windows updates will now be 40% smaller, which will further streamline the procedure.

Not to mention, if an update installation is pending while restarting your PC, it will show you the estimated time required to complete the update. This nifty addition will save you time and hassle. The new update system is one of the best, if not the best, features of Windows 11.

9. Snap Layout & Other New Multitasking Features

With Windows 10, snapping was already fantastic, but Microsoft has improved it even further with simpler Snap Assist. Snap Layouts are the name of this new feature. You may now choose from a number of layouts for where to place a window when you hover your mouse pointer over its maximize button. Moreover, you can use the Windows keyboard shortcut “Win + Z” to access the snap layout feature. Your efficiency will be maximized if you use a large display.

Comparably, Windows 11 no longer has the Timeline function; instead, you have a clear Task View to which you can add as many desktops as you like. I enjoy how fluid it is to create a new desktop. All things considered, these two functions improve multitasking and are great improvements to Windows 11.

10. Windows 11 Widgets

The extent to which Microsoft is embracing mobile-first design for its next-generation desktop operating system is intriguing. Microsoft introduced Widgets with Windows 11, allowing you to quickly access a wide range of information with a single click. It resembles the “Today View” feature in Apple’s iOS 15 or macOS Monterey, as well as the Snapshot function of Google Assistant.

You can view market prices, sports scores, your own images taken from OneDrive, the most recent headlines, and much more. Additionally configurable, you can tailor the widget area to your interests. The Widget window takes up the entire screen on Windows 11 tablets, serving as a one-stop dashboard for all of your personal interests. If you are among those who find this new feature objectionable, you may easily disable the Windows 11 widgets panel with a few clicks.

11. New Context Menu & Rounded Corners

Finally, a contemporary context menu without sharp corners is available with Windows 11. It looks good with Windows 11’s general design. However, let me tell you that in the early builds, there was no “Refresh” button in the context menu. But do not worry. In response to customer concerns, Microsoft has reinstated the “Refresh” option in the most recent Windows Insider preview versions. Additionally, Windows 11 still supports the “F5” shortcut.

If you take my opinion, I really like the new UI, and the new Mica effect used for Windows UI elements is great. Besides that, you will find rounded corners everywhere, and I hope Microsoft maintains this level of consistency as we move along.

12. Teams Chat Integration

Microsoft’s Windows 11 Build 22000.100 release marked the final addition of Team Chat to the taskbar. It will be one of Windows 11’s most remarkable upgrades. You may easily create chat, audio, and video connections with your loved ones by using the taskbar. Think of it as an alternative to the macOS applications iMessage and FaceTime. Not that you were unaware, but FaceTime is now accessible on Windows as well. That being stated, note that voice and video calls are not currently supported.

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of operating systems, Windows 11 emerges as a significant leap forward, introducing a host of new features that enhance user experience and productivity. This compilation of the 12 best new features in Windows 11 serves as a comprehensive guide for users eager to explore the platform’s capabilities. From the sleek and modernized user interface to the innovative productivity tools like Snap Layouts and Snap Groups, Windows 11 redefines how users interact with their devices.

Moreover, the emphasis on personalization and customization in Windows 11 allows users to tailor their computing experience to suit their preferences and workflow. Features like Dynamic Refresh Rate and Virtual Desktops empower users to optimize their productivity and seamlessly transition between tasks. Additionally, the integration of Microsoft Teams directly into the operating system facilitates seamless communication and collaboration, further enhancing the efficiency of remote work and team collaboration.

Overall, Windows 11 represents a significant evolution in the Windows ecosystem, combining aesthetic refinement with powerful new features to deliver a more intuitive and productive computing experience. As users delve into the 12 highlighted features, they’ll discover a wealth of tools and functionalities designed to streamline their workflow, boost productivity, and unlock new possibilities in how they interact with their devices. Whether for work, creativity, or entertainment, Windows 11 offers a compelling platform that sets the stage for the future of computing.

Is Windows 11 or 10 better in 2024?

Windows 10 is not always preferable than Windows 11; the decision is entirely up to you. Windows 11 has a more contemporary interface and better functions, especially for newer hardware.

Which Windows 2024?

Windows 11 2024 Update (version 24H2) includes new features, AI PCs, Windows on Arm, and all we know so far. The Windows 11 2024 Update, available this autumn, focuses on AI technologies, new Arm PCs, and quality of life enhancements.

What is the new feature of Windows 11?

Voice Typing: In Windows 11, there is a new voice typing launcher that allows you to instantly start voice typing in a specific field. It is turned off by default, but you may enable it in Settings and position it wherever on the screen. Touch Improvements: Windows 11 also includes enhancements to touch-based interactions.

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